Ben Alexandra

Hello Family & Friends,
I am sorry to do this and am loathe to request help but I have no choice.
Circumstances have led to the discovery that I need immediate and urgent
spinal surgery. The Neurosurgeon considers it somewhat miraculous that I
am still walking. To the point; My cervical spine from C3 to C7 is trashed
and needs plating and fusion NOW!

Surgery is scheduled for Wed Aug 31st and will be moved sooner if it can
be arranged. My quandary, conundrum, catch 22 is that I have been almost
unable to work for the past several months. I was barely getting by with
pain meds but have found out the risk I was taking by masking symptoms was
to great to consider. The extensive testing has layed a $1000.00 co-pay on
my plate and the co-pay for surgical admittance will be another $500.00.

I do not have anything left and cannot put off surgery to work and save for this.
I am with all respect requesting that if there is anyway you could help me with
these expenses (even $5.00 would be invaluable at this time.
I would be grateful beyond measure.

I know times are tough for everyone so I only ask this with great trepidation.
The outcome of this surgery should be nearly full recovery and once back to work
I will repay everyone who can help. Thank you for your consideration at this time.